VoiceToScript launches its Transcription Service

20 Oct 2020

VoiceToScript has completely revamped its website and transcription service.

Piebe Bakker: 'The site is operational for a few months now and we have had lots of feedback from our users. As a result, we have fully optimised the website for mobile use. More importantly, we have further improved the operation of the voice engine, which now allows it to handle punctuation and foreign words, such as foreign words or proper names'.

Fokke-Jan: 'The primary focus of VoiceToScript was converting recorded interviews for students and journalists. We are now increasingly seeing that sales reps and coaches also record their interview report in the car in just a few minutes while on the road and further process the obtained text in their systems at the office'.

Speech --> text

Automatically convert speech to text with AI and edit it in Word.

Audio and Video

Upload your (multilingual) recording and get the text by email.

Secure and Reliable.

Accurate up to 98%! Also supports bilingual transcriptions.
In over 50 languages.