How do I transcribe a video from Vimeo (or TED or Instagram or Twitter or TikTok or etc.) ?

28 Aug 2023

Uploading and transcribing a Vimeo video is not that different from uploading an audiofile or video directly from your own PC or device. Same applies to TED, Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook and other social platforms, but in this example we will use Vimeo as the starting point.

First we need to download the video from the Vimeo platform to your PC or laptop first. Once done we can upload and transcribe the file the usual way with VoiceToScript. The following steps can also be used for other platforms like TED, Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram etc.

For each video just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Vimeo and select/start the video.
  2. Copy the internet link (at the top of the screen), usually it starts with:
  3. Go to an internet site that can convert these videos like , paste the link and click on the 'Start' button
  4. On the next screen select 'Convert' and 'MP3'.
  5. Press the 'Convert to MP3' button.
  6. Wait for it to finish and click on the download button.
  7. When the download is complete, the file will be placed on your PC, usually in the 'Download' folder,
  8. Now you can upload it to VoiceToScript using the usual way, like any other file oon your PC.
  9. Once uploaded in VoiceToScript, choose the language and start transcription.
  10. You will receive the transcript in a few minutes by email.

Those are the few simple steps to transcribe your an Vimeo video.

If you wish transcribe video's from other platforms, like TED, Twitter, Tiktok, or Instagram can do that as wel. It can download videos from over a 100 different platforms. Check them all on
It does not support YouTube, but no worries, these can be directly be uploaded in VoiceToScript.

Any questions on VoiceToScript' transcription services? Contact us or send them by mail to

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