Improve your Video Marketing with Subtitles

26 Oct 2020

Increase the impact of your internet video messages by adding subtitles. Why is this so important and how can it be done easily?

On FaceBook, YouTube, Vimeo and other channels, there are billions of other videos in addition to your videos. Most companies use their videos as a marketing tool to find new customers, or give existing customers a better experience with their products or services.

In order to increase the impact and reach of your message on the internet, it is very important to subtitle your videos. Only then will search engines be able to understand your message as you meant it to be. And they can show it to those who are interested and thus increase your SEO score.On the assumption that the sound is off when people are at work, sitting in public transport or hanging on the couch. Only with subtitles will the viewer understand what you have to say and the viewing time will increase.

This makes your video stand out better, partly because text 'moves' and thus attracts attention. That's how your message comes across in that almost infinite collection of videos on the internet. If you subtitle your video in different languages, you'll make your reach even greater by reaching a more international audience.

With VoiceToScript, we've made subtitling easy. You can upload any format of video and you will receive a video subtitle file within a few minutes by email. The file can be updated with a regular text editor for the finishing touch and then be uploaded to YouTube, FaceBook, Vimeo or other platforms. In this way, you can subtitle your new videos as well as your existing ones. All platforms have written clear instructions for this. YouTube instruction link.

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