8 Tips for transcribing interviews bettter and faster.

1 Feb 2022

Here are the tips to do this boring job better and faster.

First and above all : prepare well to make it as easy as possible for yourself. Make sure you have a room without background noise. Ask clear and specific questions so that the interview does not take hours.

With good preparation, you can make transcribing easier. This saves you time during transcription and is more pleasant for the interviewee.
  1. Make sure that the room is free of background noise.
  2. Know what questions you want to ask and find a good balance between open and closed questions. Be clear and specific.
  3. Avoid interruptions and talking back and forth. This is not pleasant for the interviewee, and it is also more difficult to unravel during the transcription.
  4. Record the interview. You can do this with a separate microphone, but nowadays most interviews are conducted online, so it's easy to do this with your phone.
  5. Start the interview and ask the interviewees if they have any objections to the recording.
  6. As soon as the interview is finished, upload the file to VoiceToScript and start the transcription.
  7. Afterwards you will receive the transcription by email. You will receive it within the number of minutes that the recording took.
  8. Open the file with MS-Word and check it against the recording, correcting where necessary. VoiceToScript will highlight the words that were more difficult to hear or inderstand.

Following these steps makes your transcriptions a lot easier and above all a lot less boring!

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